Trust your trailer suspension to Firestone, a global leader in anti-vibration technology

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Trust your trailer suspension to Firestone, a global leader in anti-vibration technology

Firestone air springs keep your fleets moving and optimized and ensures the suspension is consistently operating at the correct ride height.

Suspension builders around the world use Firestone trailer air springs. Why? Because Firestone Industrial Products has been advancing air suspension technology for more than 80 years. Our commercial trailer suspensions and air springs are challenged, tested and proven every day on thousands of trailers all over the world.

The Firestone story dates back to the early 1930s when we worked to perfect the pneumatic spring. Air spring systems were adopted by one of the country's largest manufacturers of motor coaches in 1938 and by 1950, the success of air springs in bus applications spurred new interest in truck and trailer applications. Today, many of the trailers on the road ride on Firestone trailer air springs, also called air bags.

It's no secret that trailers with air suspensions suffer much less wear and tear than those that ride on steel. They enjoy longer cab and vehicle life, lower operating costs, less downtime and fewer failures of expensive onboard equipment. And when trailers ride better, so does their cargo. Trailers equipped with air suspensions often experience less cargo damage than those with conventional suspensions. Firestone trailer suspension springs enable almost perfect load equalization between axles, so cargo stays put.

Firestone innovations didn't stop in the 1930s. Our engineers continue to shape the commercial vehicle industry with Airide™ Pro air springs and intelligent air springs. Designed for the trailer application, Firestone Airide™ Pro air springs provide air damping technology with true body and axle control, leading to longer tire life, a lower total cost of ownership and improved ride quality.

Firestone intelligent air springs take the future of mobility to a new level. This technology provides commercial trailer drivers with critical data around acceleration, pressure and temperature through sensors that connect the air spring and the tire.

“Intelligent air spring sensors will take the guesswork out of predictive analytics for commercial trailer drivers and fleet owners and will become a key element for the connected vehicle of the future,” says Craig Schneider, president of Firestone Industrial Products. “The first-ever intelligent air spring sensor to fully integrate into the electronic leveling system is just the latest example of our industry leadership, which dates back to the 1930s, when FSIP patented the first pneumatic suspension device.”

The traditional suspension and leveling setup is exposed to harsh environments and is susceptible to wear, misalignment and faulty installation. These conditions can lead to incorrect vehicle height settings and, ultimately, suboptimal vehicle operation. The intelligent air spring system overcomes these limitations and provides commercial drivers with real-time trailer height data. The result is enhanced reliability and greater leveling accuracy on challenging road conditions.

At Firestone Industrial Products, we understand the needs of air suspension builders, fleet owners and trailer vehicle manufacturers. Contact us today to learn more about trailer air suspension solutions for your fleet, including Firestone Airide™, Airide™ Pro and Airogear™.

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