Haul with Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs for comfort, confidence and control

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Haul with Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs for comfort, confidence and control

Get out into the world with Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs and haul the heaviest loads on the wildest roads. Feel like you’re not hauling anything.

Install Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs on your light truck, motorhome, RV, SUV or van and haul with comfort, confidence and control. Our Ride-Rite products are made from the same material used by the biggest rigs on the road. They're downright durable. They're also designed specifically for your vehicle, so you can haul, tow and live the way you want.

Air springs, also called air bags or air helper springs, offer many benefits. One, they help protect cargo by preventing unbalanced loads and bottoming out, while eliminating sag. Air springs also help improve your ride safety by enhancing steering control and braking, keeping headlights level and preserving tire tread. With Ride-Rite Air Springs, you can chase after new adventures with confidence.

Which Ride-Rite Air Spring kit is best for your ride? Search for your kit online. We have the perfect air suspension kit for most vehicles and needs. Ride-Rite™ is our most popular and comprehensive air spring line for maximizing a vehicle's load-carrying capacity and ride quality. Eight spring combinations help you get work done, no matter the load scenario. Coil-Rite™ Air Springs are equally as versatile and durable. Spring performance can be adjusted as easily as inflating a tire.

Combine your Ride-Rite kit with one of Firestone’s Air-Rite™ Air Control Systems to adjust your ride for various load and road conditions with the flip of a switch, click of a remote or even by using an app on your cell phone. Our air compressor kits and accessories pair with other manufactures air springs and provide you with the flexibility to adjust your air bags anywhere, anytime.

Firestone Air Springs and accessory components are designed by air suspension experts who know what it's like to drive hard. They've experienced squat, sag and sway firsthand. Through extensive testing and research, they've solved for each problem and built some of the best air springs available.

No matter which Firestone Air Spring product you choose, you can count on a simple installation and a smooth ride with load-carrying capacity. That's our promise to you and your cargo. It's a promise we've kept for more than 80 years, ever since we patented the world's first air spring in 1938.

Fine tune your vehicle with the World’s Number 1 Air Spring™, proudly engineered and assembled in America. Search for your air suspension kit online or find a Firestone Air Spring retailer near you today.

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