Firestone Ride-Rite: 2446 Rear Kit






2WD/4WD Ford F450 Ride-Rite Air Spring Kits are easy to install and even easier to use.

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Details & Benefits

  • Enhances safe load-carrying capacity, stability, ride quality, and brake effectiveness
  • Most kits are No-Drill systems, easily installing in 1-2 hours
  • Fill kit

    fill kit


  • load capacity

    load capacity


  • installation


    No Drill

  • in-bed hitch



  • min. air pressure

    minimum air pressure

    5 PSI

  • max air pressure

    maximum air pressure

    100 PSI

  • install time

    install time

    2 HOUR(s)

Air Accessory Systems

2158 Single Level Analog Standard Duty 2497
2178 Dual Level Ananlog Standard Duty 2497
2097 Single Level Analog Heavy Duty 2497
2219 Dual Level Analog Heavy Duty 2497
2543 Single Level Analog Heavy Duty With Tank 2530
2549 Single Level Analog Extreme Duty With Tank 2530
2610 Single Point Wireless (App Only) Light Duty 2612

Vehicles Compatible with 2446


F450 4WD, 2WD (2008-2010)

2008 F450 4WD, 2WD
2009 F450 4WD, 2WD
2010 F450 4WD, 2WD
Product 2446 Image

What's Included

Everything is included for a quick, easy installation.

  • Brackets
  • Air springs
  • Hardware
  • Air line and separate valves for manual inflation, the same as you would use for inflating a tire

Optional air accessories are available for all applications. View Air-Rite Air Accessory Systems

Additional Info

Firestone's most popular air spring line is here to help you haul with confidence. Firestone 2WD/4WD Ford F450 Ride-Rite air helper springs help enhance your pickup truck's brake effectiveness, stability, safe load-carrying capacity, and ride quality.
How do Ride-Rite springs work? 2WD/4WD Ford F450 Ride-Rite air springs, also called Ride-Rite air springs, install between your pickup truck's frame and suspension. They rely on a pair of convoluted air springs that can each be modified to accommodate various load weights. After your pickup truck's air springs are properly adjusted, they help enhance your ride by absorbing road shock and decreasing interleaf friction. It'll feel like the road is a cushion of air. In addition to ride comfort, Ride-Rite 2WD/4WD Ford F450 air helper springs work to improve your overall safety on the road. They help level the pickup truck to reduce tire wear, support responsive handling, and level headlight beams.
Firestone air springs can also help save other 2WD/4WD Ford F450 parts from premature wear and lackluster performance. Ride-Rite air helper springs prevent leaf springs from irreversible sagging under constant load and reduce your likelihood of bottoming out by softening frame-axle interaction.
Firestone 2WD/4WD Ford F450 Ride-Rite kits arrive prepped and ready for a fast install, and include hardware, brackets, air springs, air line, and separate valves for manual inflation. Most customers complete their installation in under two hours. No-drill kits install even faster. Additional 2WD/4WD Ford F450 air accessories can be bought separately.
Why choose Firestone air springs for your F450? Firestone built the first pneumatic suspension device in the 1930s and has since grown into a leading manufacturer of commercial air springs worldwide. Our air springs are engineered and built from knowledge gained after millions of commercial vehicle miles. All products go through robust, comprehensive testing to deliver durability you can depend on.
Find Firestone Ride-Rite air spring prices online and locate your nearest Firestone Ride-Rite retailer. With a Ride-Rite Air Helper Spring Kit, your 2WD/4WD Ford F450 can handle almost any load and any road.

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