Firestone Air Command: 2266






Mount in any position, without impacting the air compressor performance. No oil, no belts. Half-gallon air tank included.

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Details & Benefits

  • Individual air accessory components are also available, including compressors, air tanks, and mounting solutions, providing a wide variety of air control assist solutions
  • Adjust the ride for various load and road conditions with a switch, remote or mobile app
  • Provides an instant air source for the air helper springs or accessories

Product Attributes

  • Single point fill (both air springs fill to the same pressure).
  • Heavy duty compressor specs (150 psi max air pressure, 30% duty cycle, 0.40 CFM).
  • Air tank specs (0.5 gallon capacity, 2 - 1/4" NPT ports, 6.5" height, 7.63" length).
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What's Included

  • Heavy duty compressor.
  • Pneumatic analog gauge and single toggle switch (includes housing for easy installation).
  • 0.5 gallon air tank.
  • Plug and play wiring harness.
  • 30ft of 1/4" tubing. All required hardware for installation.

Additional Info

While your vehicle counts on Firestone Ride-Rite™ air springs to provide ride comfort, confidence, and control, you rely on Firestone Air Command™ products to help you command the whole experience. You count on air spring accessories like the Xtra Duty Air Compressor System 2266.
The Xtra Duty Air Compressor System allows you to adjust your air springs with the touch of a button. It provides an on-the-spot air source to your vehicle's suspension system, allowing you to adjust your springs to match the driving and load conditions.
Firestone Xtra Duty Air Compressor System, in particular, comes with a couple of distinct benefits. First, the Xtra Duty Air Compressor System is simple to install, so you can get it hooked up and get going quickly. Connect a few wires to the vehicle and a few to the compressor. The air lines and wiring harness can be plugged into the same side of the unit for simpler routing of lines and power supply.

Once the Xtra Duty Air Compressor System is installed, one push pressure adjustment puts the power of air at your fingertips. This Xtra Duty Air Compressor System feature allows for side-to-side leveling, real-time pressure readout, and dual left and right psi and pressure control readouts. The Xtra Duty Air Compressor System's simple display can be viewed day or night, without squinting or straining your eyes. A half-gallon air tank is included.
Before installing your new Xtra Duty Air Compressor System, please take a few minutes to read the instructions and identify all of the components to help ensure you gain maximum control of your air helper springs. The installation process varies depending on whether you are adding the Xtra Duty Air Compressor System to an existing air helper spring system or installing an entirely new air spring system.
In the end, you can drive confidently with Firestone air accessories, including the Xtra Duty Air Compressor System. Why? Because you're driving with the same quality products and technologies used on many heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and buses on the road today.
Shop for air accessories online and contact us for more information. We're here to improve the comfort of your ride.

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