Your trusted partner for intelligent OEM air springs and factory air suspension solutions

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Your trusted partner for intelligent OEM air springs and factory air suspension solutions

Deliver a better ride. Choose a highly responsive development partner that delivers unparalleled ride comfort and control with dynamic OEM suspension solutions.

Drivers want a comfortable ride and stable handling. Original Equipment Manufacturers want a flexible engineering partner who cares about improving vehicle functionality, features and ride quality—all at a competitive price. Firestone Industrial Products delivers, every time. Our engineering culture with fit-for-purpose technology, benchmarking testing and extensive rubber experience results in best-in-class OEM air springs and air suspensions with IoT capabilities.

Partner with Firestone Industrial Products to become part of a legacy of innovation and a future of transformation. We've been eliminating vibration in transportation for more than 80 years and hold the world's first air spring patent. A tradition of research, testing and perfection have led us to offer best-in-class air springs that meet both the consumer and the OEM at their point of need. We execute hundreds of research and development projects annually, with many innovations earning multiple prestigious certifications and awards.

We offer integrated air spring solutions for every market and type of vehicle, including electric vehicles. In fact, we’re one of only three global suppliers that can meet anti-vibration specifications for electric vehicles. Our applications also include commercial truck and trailer, automotive OEM and aftermarket suspension support, agriculture, manufacturing, industrial and bus.


Together, we can deliver a vehicle that stands apart. Firestone OEM air suspension systems are designed to improve the comfort, leveling, handling safety and load carrying capacity of your vehicle. Our rigorous testing, higher strength materials, and adherence to strict local and global standards are just a few of the reasons why automotive OEMs across the globe continue to select Firestone as a suspension partner.

The proof is already on the pavement and at work in car suspensions worldwide. It has been for thousands of miles and many years. Firestone Air Springs have a reputation for outlasting other original equipment, like shocks and bushings, and reducing suspension fatigue. That’s why Firestone Industrial Products works with the top automotive OEMs globally, including 100 percent of OEMs in North America.

At Firestone, we're more than an air spring vendor. We're the preferred air spring partner of the top global vehicle manufacturers. Contact us today to learn how Firestone OEM air suspension solutions can help you engineer your best vehicle. Let’s shape the future of mobility together.

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