Optimize fleet performance and increase driver comfort with Firestone cab mounts, seat air springs and more

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Optimize fleet performance and increase driver comfort with Firestone cab mounts, seat air springs and more

Trust Firestone Air Springs for antivibration solutions for truck suspension applications. We give your business a competitive edge.

The trucking industry is the backbone of the global economy. In America alone, trucks transport around 80% of all cargo, from food to heavy machinery, and their 3.5 million professional truck drivers log thousands of miles each week to get the job done. Firestone Industrial Products helps the industry and its drivers keep trucking in comfort with first-rate anti-vibration technology.

Firestone first revolutionized commercial transportation with the Airide™ air spring in 1934. Since then, we've designed and manufactured more air springs for more applications than any other air spring company in the world. Consequently, almost all Class 8 trucks and many of the trailers on the road today now ride on air springs.

But our commercial solutions don't stop with air springs. Firestone engineers lead the way in developing and testing anti-vibration solutions for all kinds of commercial vehicle applications, including truck cabins and interiors, chassis mounts and powertrain mounts.

Our products are designed to help every part of a semi-truck operate at peak capacity, especially the driver. That's why you'll find Firestone solutions hard at work in the driver's cab, shielding the driver from disruptive vibrations and noise. With Firestone cab mounts and seat air springs, drivers are more comfortable, more productive and less subject to accidents caused by fatigue.

We have manufacturing and distribution centers in Poland, China, Costa Rica, Brazil, and the U.S. to serve the commercial truck industry on a global scale, and currently supply anti-vibration solutions to one of the largest commercial truck manufacturers of light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks.

Count on Firestone products to deliver innovative solutions for the long haul. Contact us today to learn why vehicle manufactures around the world partner with Firestone Industrial Products to design air springs.

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