Best in our field equals best in your field


Best in our field equals best in your field

The agricultural equipment of today operates at higher speeds and is more common on the road than ever before. Firestone cab, seat and suspension air springs offer the comfortable ride you expect. Whether you are planting, spraying, harvesting or mowing, Firestone Airide™ air springs will provide the perfect ride for you and your equipment, and your task at hand. 

At Firestone, innovation is in our blood. For over 75 years we've developed solutions for your needs, no matter what industry you are in.

Our products’ capabilities extend past the comfort of your ride. Our air springs are often a superior alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders or coil springs. Firestone’s Airstroke™ Actuators are found on planters and cultivators, helping you to easily adjust your equipment to exactly the right height to maximize results. Firestone’s innovative Manufacturing and Industrial products can be found on irrigation and conveyor systems, harvesting and material handling applications. The possibilities are endless.

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