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Buy, haul, and ride with confidence when you have air control at the touch of a button.

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Details & Benefits

  • Individual air accessory components are also available, including compressors, air tanks, and mounting solutions, providing a wide variety of air control assist solutions
  • Adjust the ride for various load and road conditions with a switch, remote or mobile app
  • Provides an instant air source for the air helper springs or accessories

Product Attributes

  • Single point fill (both air springs fill to the same pressure).
  • Light duty compressor specs (120 psi max air pressure, 9% duty cycle, 0.32 CFM).
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What's Included

  • Light duty compressor.
  • Electric analog gauge and a single toggle switch (includes housing for easy installation).
  • Plug and play wiring harness. 30ft of 1/4" tubing.
  • All required hardware for installation.

Additional Info

While your vehicle depends on Firestone Ride-Rite™ air springs to provide in-cabin comfort, stability, and control, you trust Firestone Air Command™ products to put you in command of the entire experience. You lean on air spring accessories like the Single Light Duty Air Compressor System.
With the Single Light Duty Air Compressor System, you easily can modify your air spring inflation by pressing a button. It provides an on-the-spot air source to your vehicle's suspension system, letting you alter your springs to match the driving and load conditions.
When shopping for air accessories, you'll find that Firestone Single Light Duty Air Compressor System is designed to have some very industry-leading advantages. Unpackage the Single Light Duty Air Compressor System and enjoy an easy installation, so you can get it set up and get back to the road—where you want to be. Connect three wires to the vehicle and one to the compressor. The air lines and wiring harness can be plugged into the same side of the unit for smoother routing of power supply and lines.
After the Single Light Duty Air Compressor System is properly installed, one push pressure adjustment makes you the air pressure authority. Just press a button! The Single Light Duty Air Compressor System allows for side-to-side leveling, real-time pressure readout, and dual left and right psi and pressure control readouts. The Single Light Duty Air Compressor System's display is easy to read and can be seen morning or night, without straining or squinting your eyes.
Prior to installing the Single Light Duty Air Compressor System, review the instructions and identify all of the components to help ensure you gain maximum control of your air helper springs. The installation process will depend on whether the Single Light Duty Air Compressor System is being installed alongside a new air spring system or added to an existing system.
In the end, you can take on the road with confidence when you have Firestone air accessories, including the Single Light Duty Air Compressor System. Why do we say that? Because you're driving with the same, excellent products and technologies used on many buses, heavy-duty trucks, and trailers on the road today.
Contact us for more information and shop online for all of your air accessory needs. Our goal is to help you buy, ride, and haul with confidence.

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