Air Accessories

Air Accessories

Our Air Command systems give customers the ability to conveniently adjust their air springs with the touch of a button thanks to our Air Command Air Compressor Kits. Our designs provide an instant air source to a vehicle’s air suspension system, giving users the freedom to adjust their air springs to accommodate different loads and road conditions from both inside and outside of the vehicle.


Firestone air spring systems are designed to maximize safe load carrying capacity, stability, and overall ride quality. They are designed and assembled in the USA. Ride-Rite air springs use the same Firestone technology used on many heavy duty trucks, trailers, and buses on the road today. That means you’ll get Firestone’s reputation for commercial grade durability, quality, reliability, and service. 

Air Command Details

The kit utilizes industry-leading original equipment-grade electronics. The kit bundles the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and valve block into a single unit for improved durability, reliability and streamlined installation. The new single-unit design has been tested to withstand pressurized water, road chemicals, salt spray, and immersion. The housing unit is also environmentally protected from ice, slush, mud, dust, extreme temperatures and rust, and can be mounted anywhere.

Why Firestone Air Command

One Push Pressure Adjustment

The power of air is at your fingertips. With the capability of side-to-side leveling, real-time pressure readout, dual left and right psi and air pressure control readouts.

Easy to Read Digital Display

The easy to read digital display is designed so you can see it during the day, but it doesn't blind you at night.

Easy Install

There are only three wires to connect to the vehicle and one to the compressor, and the new design allows the air lines and wiring harness to all be plugged into the same side of the unit for simpler routing of lines and power supply.

Wireless Remote

The wireless remote utilizes a new sleep cycle and LED display that reduces energy use and improves battery life.

Installation Basics

Installation Basics

The Air Command Wireless Kit offers a simple install of just three wires. 

Average install time is 1–2 hours

Make this kit no-drill with the use of our Air Accessory Mounting Plate

What's included in the Air Command Kit

What's included in the Air Command Kit

Everything is included for a quick, easy installation.

  • Firestone 12v  Light Duty Air Compressor
  • Firestone Air Command Wireless Remote
  • Ignition Fuse Tap
  • Easy Installation Guide
  • Warranty Information
  • All hardware needed for install

Make your kit No-Drill with our Air Accessory Mounting Kit

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