Firestone's Airstroke™ Polyactuators


Firestone's Airstroke™ Polyactuators

Firestone's Airstroke™ Polyactuators serve as a space-saving alternative to traditional hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.  Ideal applications include conveyor transfer sections and roller brakes or applications requiring .6 inch (15mm) clearance.  Polyactuators have "daisy chain' along tubing capabilities and are lab tested for five million cycles. 

The line-up is comprised of three models: 50-P (50mm/1.97in), 70-P (70mm/2.75in) and industry leading 120-P (120mm/4.72in) units lifting loads up to 100 pounds (45kg) with a .5 inch (12.7mm) stroke at 50psi.


Features and Benefits

A Big Solution for Small Spaces

A Big Solution for Small Spaces

  • • Corrosion-resistant polyurethane composition
  • • Friction and leak-free design (No pistons, rods or sliding seals)
  • • No lubrication, grease, or oil required
  • • 80% lower profile than typical pancake cylinders*
  • • Up to 475 lbs (215kg) of force over .75 inch (19mm) of stroke
  • • A fraction of the cost of traditional pancake cylinders
  • • Complies with FDA food-contact regulations 21 CFR ‍ ‍177.1680 (Polyurethane Resins) and ‍177.2600 (Rubber Articles Intended for Repeated Use)
  • • 3 standard sizes available*
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Polyactuators Styles







Detailed Product Specs

View Metric Units
Force Output at 50 PSIG
Style Number Max Diameter at 50 PSIG (in) Min Height (in) Max Stroke (in) @ Max Stroke (lbs)
50-P 1.97 0.45 0.4 69
70-P 2.75 0.63 0.4 132
120-P 4.72 1.35 0.8 475


Polyactuator Applications

Heat Sealing

  • • Compact height allows for minimum starting height and space requirements.
  • • The polyactuator's large effective area allows a significant force to be applied. 

Roller Friction Brake

  • • Compact, allowing conveyor mounting close to floor.
  • • The polyactuator's large effective area allows a significant force to be applied. 

Right Angle Transfer Section

  • • Compact starting height provides stroke capabilities up to two times the compressed height. 
  • • Reduced cost in initial purchase price, installation and maintenance. 

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